Stangate House Sneak Peek

Little post about Stangate House in the Adelaide Hills, one of my favourite little spots to photograph weddings.

After spending the winter in Canada photographing weddings, traveling and living up what North America has to offer with lots of road trips, time with family and taking some sensational pictures that will last forever and are very close to my heart. It was time to come home, a place that I hold dear my heart, Adelaide. It’s been a long time since I have seen friends and family, really spent time with them in spaces that are familiar. It’s nice to be back doing what I love and have done for so long now, capture love and your stories. Photographing weddings is a part of who I am, my purpose and something that I will do for a long time. It’s hard to stop because it’s so much fun, I love weddings and Adelaide so yeah.

I will be adding sneaks peeks from weddings I’m doing this summer on a weekly basis, something I haven’t done too much of for some reason or another. It’s important to share part of every couples special day, as it happens. So sit back and enjoy Judith & Michaels sneak peek from their wedding at Stangate House in the Adelaide Hills.