Policy Due To COVID-19

I have had a few questions regarding our date change policy due to COVID-19 and whether we’re happy to postpone or move dates to 2021 or 2022.

We are happy to say that we will change your date or postponed your wedding date at no extra cost or charge to you. I have a number of clients now that have moved to a new wedding date in 2021 or 2022. A few couples that are waiting to see what happens with all of this COVID-19 mess. I have already postponed more than 30 weddings. No clients have been charged and I will not be charging on any weddings moving forward.

Putting together a plan for everyone is what I have tried to do. So I hope this clears up and questions regarding our date change policy due to COVID-19. Please get in touch if you’re still deciding on dates and know that we have your back. I will work with you as we’re all in this mess together 

Stay safe. Scout.

policy due to covid-19