We now offer a selection of keepsakes from Heirloom Bindery for you to cherish forever. Digital images are included in all of my packages and sent to you securely, however, sometimes it’s nice to have something magical to hold in your hands.

If you would like to discuss any of the options below or arrange a viewing, please contact us here.



Celebrating the beauty of the singular image. 

All of our albums celebrate the large format print experience and our fine art album with hand sewn signatures has changed the traditional wedding album expectations. Essentially, every page of the album is a fine art print in itself. All of our books boast heavy weighted archival cotton prints with vellum interleaving, so that each turn of the page is a unveiling of a beautiful mystery. More time is spent looking at and turning every page as viewers absorb each image. This museum-style album, with grand sizes,  a lay flat design, and hand-sewn, minimal gutters feature simple and clean covers to protect strong and impactful printed pages.

  • Printed on extra thick fine art cotton paper
  • Vellum interleaves
  • Page counts from 40-200
  • Available in all selection of heirloom linen fabrics
  • Custom calligraphy embossing available in blind, gold or silver

Page Counts 40  // add $120 for each additional 8 page spread

9 x 10”    $2575

10 x 10”  $2675

12 x 12”  $2995

12 x 14”  $2995

14 x 14”  $3775

14 x 16”  $3775

Slipcase $250 / Clamshell style Box $350



An album for the purist.

A brand new album experience, the unbound folio album is a nod to the traditional preservation methods for fine art work. Featuring a sturdy linen bound case housing 20 loose large format fine art prints with vellum dividers. Each ultra-thick print features one singular image with large white borders. Designed to garner attention from the first print to the last.

  • Printed on extra thick fine art cotton rag paper, deckled edge available with 8.5 x 11 sizes.
  • Vellum interleaves
  • Available in all selection of heirloom linen fabrics

20 Large Loose fine art prints

8.5 x 11” $1375

9 x 10”    $1375

11 x 14”  $1575



Linen Print box // fits 150 – 4 x 6” prints per compartment

  • Available in all selection of heirloom linen fabrics

Single   $275

Double $325

Glass & Gold Print box // fits 150 – 4 x 6” prints per compartment

Single   $150

Double $250

Linen Media Case with USB

  • Available in a selection of heirloom linen fabrics


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